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Dr. Gabriel Miesse

Not exactly a reversed-sides, "wrong-sided"" cover, but an oddball. This Dr. Gabriel Miesse (born 26 MAR 1807) was an unusual and accomplished 
physician and surgeon. He began tthe study of medicine as a child, one of his tutors being  Dr. Charles Quinedon, "a finely cultured  physician from Prussia." 
After medical college in Philadelphia, Dr. Miesse headed west on foot with some surgical instruments, medicines and a small amount of money. 
In the Spring of 1831, he settled near Lancaster, Ohio. He became known for remarkable cures and delicate surgeries, many written up in medical journals. 

He became a refined collector of relics and art. Dr. Miesse died on 6 AUG 1886. This letter is addressed to one of his sons, one of his fifteen children.

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