Frank H. Bentley | Sheaff : ephemera

Frank H. Bentley

Trade card. The text on the back is novel: A QUAKER'S LETTER   I herewith send thee my pocket watch, which greatly standeth in need of friendly correction. It has been more than two years since it was last at thy friendly school; truly it hath done wonders in denoting the correct time of day for so long, without having been cleansed, and I give thee credit for being a good and faithful workman. But recently, I perceive, by the index of his mind, that he is a liar and the truth is not in him; that his motions are wavering and irregular; that his pulse is sometimes quick, which betokeneth not an even temper; and at other times it waxeth sluggish, notwithstanding I frequently urge him. When he should be on duty, as thou knowest his ususl time denoteth, I find him slumbering, or, as the vanity of human reason phraseth it, catch him napping. Examine him, ascertain what aileth him, draw him from the error of his ways, and show him the path wherein he should go. Cleanse him with thy charming medicine from all pollution, that he may vibrate and circulate freely. Do thou regulate his motion for the time to come by the motion of the light that ruleth the day, and when he is completely cured, then do thou send him home, with a just bill of charges, and then it shall be sent thee in the root of all evil.

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